A UK based media and corporate design company, Enceladus Media Ltd. can provide graphics, design, animation and visual effects for all your corporate video, visualization and commercial needs using a wide range of technology available for TV, film and the commercial sector.

Enceladus Animation is a specialist media company run by Anthony Martin – a director, CG and visual effects artist, and Melanie Martin – a producer with more than a decade of experience in film, TV and the commercial sector. We can handle any size of project thanks to our widespread contacts both in the UK and abroad. Designing and creating eye candy of the highest order is what we are known for.

We can guide you through the entire production process, holding your hand all the way; or execute your detailed, exacting briefs with minimal fuss and maximum quality.

Past clients include the BBC, Sky, Envy Postproduction, Not To Scale, Lola Post, Fluid Pictures, The Discovery Channel, Etisalat(UAE) for TopSpin and various children’s television productions that have broadcast on the BBC, ITV, Five, Sky and all around the world.