3D Animation

As a specialist animation company, we pride ourselves in working with the best in the industry, delivering outstanding results that can compete with the likes of Pixar and Disney. Animated characters, motion graphic animation, animated architectural fly-throughs – we love to work on them all and bring extensive industry experience and boundless enthusiasm to all our projects.

As a full-service animation company, we are happy to take charge of your project from day one or work from your full instructions. We can provide the entire range of services starting from photography, character design, storyboarding, modelling, rigging, animation, lighting and rendering.

We care deeply about how the final work will look and make sure that everything is optimized for final delivery, be that High Definition video, content for the internet or mobile devices.

Visual Effects

We’ve just finished working on Russell T. Davies’ new kids show for CBBC, “Wizards vs Aliens”, providing magical particle effects and imposing alien craft and space scenes. And that show just scratches the surface of what we can do. You want a photo-realistic looking creature in your video? No problem. Or maybe it’s set extensions you’re after to make that actor look like he or she is somewhere too expensive to shoot or just plain impossible. We can deal with this.

Ideally we can be there on the shoot to help guide the acquisition of footage. This typically involves setting up and lighting any blue or green screens correctly or placing tracking markers on set that will later aid us to extract any camera moves or actor motions. Indeed, it’s preparatory steps such as these that will really make the difference in terms of quality and the time required to produce the results you want.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics serve a broad spectrum of requirements but the one unifying element is that they should grab attention. Normally they do this by being, for want of a better word, “cool”! Which is great for us because we get a kick out of coming up with cool imagery. Over the years we’ve provided motion graphics for corporate videos, presentations and trade shows. Trade shows actually present unique challenges. Recently we completed work for UAE telecommunications company Etisalat’s trade show. They had four very long and very thin colour LED screens that wrapped around their exhibition area. It was a fun challenge producing content for these screens as we had to carefully plan the legibility of the graphics when presented in on four separate, unusually proportioned screens.